A mother's "surprise" is her son's missing dog

Some say there is no stronger bond than the one between a boy and his dog – and this video will make you believe it.

A Texas woman named Paula Williams captured the moment her young son was reunited with his lost puppy, who had been missing for about a month.

“He was found right down the street from our house,” Williams writes in a caption on Facebook. “A nice family had taken him in and kept him warm and fed!”

When the boy realizes that the “surprise” Williams has in her car is his lost dog, he breaks down in tears and nuzzles the pup in the purest, most loving way possible. The scene is enough to make the coldest of the cold-hearted drown in a puddle of tears.

“Oh, Kase,” the boy says as the dog licks the overflowing tears from his face, “I missed you.”

The video has pulled at the heartstrings of people near and far since it was shared on Facebook on Jan. 8, and it has been viewed over 3 million times with over 63,000 shares.

“Take care of those precious two,” writes one commenter, “and thank you for sharing your joy with us.”