'Younger' Star Molly Bernard on Her Pup Henry and the Special Bond They Share

Bernard says she often tries to text her dog because she forgets he isn't human

Molly Bernard of Younger is in a serious relationship off-screen.

She and her dog have been committed to each other for more than four years.

“The have been the best years of my life,” she gushes to PeopleTV.

It is clear this “it” couple has what it takes to last. The actress says Henry is her “everything,” and that they go everywhere together, even therapy and on the New York City subway.

“When I am away, like from home, I think about texting Henry,” she adds. “I always grab my phone as if to text Henry because I think of him as a person.”

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Henry seems pretty smitten too, especially since he was adopted by Bernard. He’s obviously landed a good gig; not only did he get a devoted owner, he also gets the chance to hang out on a TV set, often accompanied by Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff‘s pets.

It’s really a ruff to riches story.

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