The all-dog programming channel help dogs stuck home alone stay active, engaged and happy

By Kelli Bender
May 02, 2017 05:12 PM

Every dog owner knows the feeling, that little pang of guilt you get when you walk out the door after telling your pup “mommy/daddy will be back in a bit.”

How does your dog feel when you are gone? Bored? Lonely? Sad? Dog TV is here to assuage some of the guilt and keep your pet occupied with unique programs designed to appeal to dogs, and dogs alone.

The first all-dog programming channel is available on Comcast, DIRECTV, RCN, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Roku, and as an iOS and Android app, and features well-researched content catered to engage your pet and help them stay calm.

After discovering that the average American canine spends 6 hours alone a day, Dog TV went to work, creating entertainment to fill those empty hours, testing its “shows” on dog focus groups (really) and doing three years of expert-driven research to come up with three programming groups: relaxation, exposure and stimulation.

Relaxation is about keeping your pooch calm and content, filling their time at home with the soothing images and sounds which can help with separation anxiety.

Stimulation is designed to engage your pup, getting their brain working and their feet moving. With this distraction, dogs are less likely to be destructive due to boredom or have loads of pent-up energy when you return home.

Exposure is filled with content that allows your dog to be gradually introduced to new things that might make them uncomfortable with immediate immersion in real life. This includes small children, busy city streets and the sounds of several other dogs.

This is not content created for humans to enjoy, and that’s the point. Unlike human TV which can be loud and scary and made to be watched in specific intervals, DogTV is crafted to appeal to canines, who don’t sit for 30 minutes at a time to watch a show, but instead need an entertaining distraction to occasionally keep them occupied. Plus, the programs are even color corrected to suit a dog’s vision.

Along with helping dogs left home alone, Dog TV has proven to be a great tool for shelters, who are using the channel to keep their caged canines calm, mentally-stimulated and content with the previously restless hours they have to stay in a small space.

You can bring this all-dog-programming channel to your pup for just $5 a month; visit DogTV to learn more.