Yorkie Protects 10-Year-Old Owner Against Coyote: 'Our Little Hero'

The beloved dog, Macy, is currently recovering after being injured in the Toronto coyote attack

Yorkie saves little girl from coyote
Photo: Go Fund Me

A Yorkie named Macy is currently on the mend after sustaining injuries while protecting her 10-year-old owner from a coyote.

In a video of the incident, Lily Kwan is seen walking her small dog around her Toronto neighborhood when a coyote begins chasing them both. Lily begins screaming for help and eventually drops the leash to get help from a neighbor, at which point Macy begins to fight the coyote to protect her owner.

"I ran to the sidewalk and started screaming for help," Lily recalled to reporters afterwards, per News 6. "No one heard me. I just saw this coyote trying to attack my dog and I tried to ring on people's doorbells and knock on people's doors but this one neighbor actually let me in."

"She's a super brave dog, I love her so much and I just thought this tiny dog could protect this huge human being, trying to fight off this huge coyote," Lily said.

Macy was injured on her torso and leg and ended up needing surgery at the animal hospital, according to a GoFundMe page started by Lily's mom, Dorothy Kwan. The page has since wildly surpassed the original goal of $10,000, hitting $27,655 as of Saturday afternoon.

"My dog would do anything for our family, so I'm actually not surprised that she did that," Dorothy told News 6. "I would never guess that a coyote, you know, would come out during the day and especially with someone screaming and yelling it still was not fazed, it just kept coming after her and our dog, you know, despite all the yelling, it was quite aggressive."

"She's our little hero," she added of Macy.

On Saturday, Dorothy provided an update to those following along, sharing that Macy is on the road to recovery.

"Macy is resting a lot but so happy to be alive and on the mend," she wrote alongside a sweet photo of her pet. "I am slowly gaining confidence as her 24/7 petcare provider, though emptying her drains is still quite a challenge."

"Lily and my friend Mel are doing so much to assist me, including all my grocery shopping, cooking, caring for my cat and the numerous runs to the pet store for such items as pill pockets, food, pee pads, gauze and alcohol wipes. You both are a blessing," she added. "I really think Macy is smiling!"

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