The "tough little guy" is already walking around great just a week after extensive surgery

He was hit by a car and left for dead, but Eddie survived — all 8 lbs. of him.

The injured Yorkie was brought by a landscaper to Animals Benefit Club (ABC) of Phoenix, Arizona, and rushed to Phoenix Veterinary Referral and Emergency, according to 12 News, where Dr. William Linney performed a five hour surgery to repair the stray dog’s shattered pelvis, saving his life.

The pup is now recovering and the rescuers surrounding him are working to raise $4,500 to cover the cost of his life-saving medical expenses.

“He’s a really, really awesome dog,” says Linney, who spoke to 12 News after the surgery. “He suffered a severe trauma, had major external wounds and his pelvis was fractured so badly that his leg bone had actually fractured through the pelvis.”

Only a week after surgery, Eddie is running around really well. “He’s a tough little guy, and super sweet as well,” Linney added. “If nobody would have brought him in in the first place, he most certainly would have died from those wounds.”

Eddie will be ready for adoption in six or so weeks when he’s completed rehab, the report said. To help pay for his care, click here.