Teddy the Yorkshire terrier has a great head of fur and a wardrobe filled with 200 fashionable outfits

We can't help falling in love with Teddy.

According to the Daily Mail, Teddy is a 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier from Bratislava, Slovakia, who is quickly finding fame online thanks to his cute face, extensive wardrobe, and Elvis-Presley-style hairdos.

It was Teddy's owner, Adriana Kollar, who discovered the dog's signature hairstyle.

"Ever since he was a puppy his hair had a life of its own. It was always standing up and puffy so he looked like a little lion," Kollar said. "I found out that if I comb through his hair a little, it will stay in any position and that's how we started with the hairstyles."

The pooch's now-famous Elvis look isn't as complex as it might seem.

"Usually it takes me less than a few seconds to style him up, his hair does the job by itself. He did get compared to Elvis Presley a few times," she added.

At 12 weeks old, Teddy was adopted by Kollar from his previous family. His first owners couldn't afford to care for the pup's health issues, which included a swollen umbilical hernia, so Kollar decided to give Teddy the gift of a forever home and better health.

After adopting the dog, the 21-year-old student got Teddy the surgery he needed and now makes the pooch homemade meals each day to help protect his sensitive stomach.

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Since his recovery, Teddy has been enjoying a lavish life with Kollar. The Yorkie has a wardrobe packed with over 200 adorable outfits, plenty of natural hair products to keep his fur shiny and easy to style, and a burgeoning modeling career.

"Teddy does modeling for brands from different parts of the world. Posing for the camera is something he really enjoys — he adores the camera," his owner said.