Yorkie Dog Stolen from Owner's Tennessee Yard Finds His Way Back Home 13 Years Later

Connor, the Yorkshire terrier, is back home with Karen Fox, over a decade after being stolen, thanks to his microchip and a Good Samaritan.

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A harrowing ordeal has come to a sweet and surprising ending.

According to The Tennessean, the story starts in 2008, when an individual in a red pick-up truck stole Karen Fox's Yorkshire terrier, Connor, from her Nashville yard and drove off.

Fox and her teenage son chased after the dog thief in their own vehicle, but were unable to catch up to the truck and recover Connor — then about 3 years old. For months after this upsetting incident, the Fox family drove around their neighborhood looking for signs of Connor and the red truck he was taken away in. Nothing came up and after several years the Fox family started to lose hope.

The rescue dog was still just a memory on March 4, 2021, when Fox received a phone call from Metro Nashville Animal Control. Thirteen years after his kidnapping, Connor had been found. The 16-year-old Yorkie was brought into animal control by a woman who spotted the dog roaming around her neighborhood alone.

Under animal control's care, Connor was scanned for a microchip, which revealed Fox's contact information, allowing them to reunite the dog with his long-lost owner.

"It was pure, utter amazement!" Fox told The Tennessean. "I'm still amazed!"

At the reunion, Connor walked up to Fox, sat on her lap, and licked her face. He is now back at his old house and still seems to know his way around.

Fox is delighted to have the pooch back and is looking forward to caring for the dog — who arrived at animal control with a sore leg, damaged teeth, and infected eyes — through his golden years.

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