"I think that that's my job as a mother, is to make sure that I keep my girls grounded and provide an environment where that's possible," Hadid said during a chat on PEOPLE Now

By Kate Hogan
January 11, 2018 05:09 PM

“I think that that’s my job as a mother, is to make sure that I keep my girls grounded and provide an environment where that’s possible,” Yolanda Hadid said Thursday during an appearance on PEOPLE Now.

And when she says that, she means it: “That’s why we got a farm … where they ride horses and feed the cows and go and get eggs from the chickens in the morning because that reminds them of who it really is that they are, the core of their being.”

The former Real Housewives star, 54, and mom to supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, recently relocated from Beverly Hills to the East Coast, where she raises chickens, cattle and ponies, among other creatures.

But just because she’s becoming one with nature doesn’t mean she’s leaving her own glamorous modeling past behind: she’s the host of Lifetime’s new series Making a Model, which, appropriately, brings aspiring young catwalkers and their moms to New York City for the chance to win a modeling contract.

Gigi and Bella each make appearances on the series, to which their mother says, “I really think it’s important for my girls to give back to the next generation as well.”

In fact, they can even use their barnyard teachings on the teens looking up to them; Yolanda told PEOPLE Now that giving her daughters roots on her farm helps them face the spotlight with confidence.

“If you look at … the criticism of the world you can go like, ‘Well this is who I really am and you’re judging me from pictures or little snippets of words that I spoke.’ It’s a learning process. And I’m learning, as well, as I go, because in my time when I was modeling there was no social media. So today that is a tough thing to navigate.”

Making a Model premieres Thursday night, Jan. 11, at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.