A tiny white pup almost caused a big pile-up during the race’s second leg on Sunday

By Kate Hogan
Updated July 01, 2013 05:10 PM

He’s a little guy – but he almost caused some big trouble.

A small white dog decided to join in the fun at the Tour de France on Sunday, darting out into the road a few miles from the tail end of the finish line in the race’s second stage in Corsica.

As seen in the video above, the pup first made a move when the road was somewhat clear. As he ran around, a bystander went to grab him – and then both man and beast ran for cover as a large pack of cyclists rounded the corner at top speeds.

Thankfully, the bystander, pup and cyclists were all fine.

Unleashed dogs have been known to cause crashes during the Tour de France before, and, as TIME.com notes, horses and cows have created chaos on the course in the past, too. On Saturday, a bus blocked the first-leg finish line after getting stuck underneath a banner. The vehicle’s tires were deflated, and the bus was pushed so that riders could complete the course.

The race entered its third leg in the Corsica commune of Ajaccio on Monday and finishes on Paris’s Champs-élysées on Sunday, July 21.