The 14-year-old fan favorite hopes her puppy will be well-behaved on the road

Rachel Crow has found the best kind of roadie for her upcoming tour.

The 14-year-old singer didn’t win The X Factor’s $5 million recording contract last season, but the fan favorite has a new self-titled EP coming out June 26, and she’ll be hitting the road with Big Time Rush – and her dog Charlie – next month.

“I’m really excited about taking Charlie on tour!” Crow tells PEOPLE. “I just hope she’s well-behaved.”

It turns out Charlie has an ear for music – at least the kind produced by Crow. “When she listens to the EP, she knows that it’s me singing, so she pauses for a minute and looks at me, then the computer, then me again,” Crow says. “I think she gets confused.”

Charlie, who loves to run through Crow’s painting projects and swim in the backyard pond, will offer a comfort to Crow while she’s away from home. “I love Charlie because she’s so lovable and sweet, and she’s one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen,” Crow says. “It’s so cute when she does her little puppy crawl.”

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