WWE Dog Toy Line — with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Plush — Launching in Time for SummerSlam

BARK has partnered with the WWE to create a line of dog toys featuring wrestling greats and iconic WWE items

WWE dog toys
Photo: WWE

Can you smell what BARK is cooking?

BARK, the dog toy company behind BarkBox, recently launched a line of pooch products with the WWE. The results of this tag team is a series of BARK x WWE boxes featuring amusing takes on wrestling legends like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and "Macho Man" Randy Savage, along with dog toy interpretations of a folding chair, microphone, and more.

The best part for WWE fans is that the line has arrived in time for August 21's SummerSlam, so canine wrestling lovers can have all the gear they need to enjoy the big event.

BARK x WWE boxes are currently available. Dog owners can get theirs now by going to BarkBox.com and signing up for a subscription that costs $23 a month. After signing up, pet parents can expect a special-edition WWE box to be sent their way ahead of Summer Slam.

WWE dog toys

Dogs getting a BARK x WWE box will be treated to toys like "The Rock" plush puppet, the Thrash n' Bash Title Belt, and the No Fair Folding Chair.

For ring-ready pooches that like to be a bit rough with their toys, BARK's Super Chewer box has them covered. Dog owners who sign up for BARK's Super Chewer subscription — a cost of $30 a month — will get a box of durable dog toys each month, including a BARK x WWE box filled with goodies meant for dogs who love to chew.

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