Xherdan the sphynx cat's owner said, when she met the wrinkly pet, it was love at first sight
Xherdan the cat
Credit: Caters

Xherdan the sphynx cat knows that looks can be deceiving.

The Guardian called the 6-year-old kitty “the world’s scariest cat,” but his owner assures that the furless feline is “very lovely” and sweet.

“Xherdan is a very active cat and he talks a great deal, in all pitches, when he is excited, when he is hungry, when he plays or while cuddling and falling asleep, he is like a child and his character is very lovely,” Sandra Filippi told The Sun about her wrinkly pet.

Filippi, who lives with Xherdan in Rüti, Switzerland, also added that it was love at first sight for her when she initially met the sphynx cat.

“When I first saw him, he immediately stole my heart,” she said. “His wrinkled pink skin, as fine as a peach, and his turquoise eyes, I was in love!”

To share her little beauty with the world, Filippi created an Instagram for Xherdan, @xherdanthenakedcat, where his wrinkles, icy eyes, and little frown have earned him over 23,000 followers.

Xherdan the cat
Credit: Caters

Filippi found that many of the cat’s followers, and those who meet the feline in person, assume the cat will be mean based on his unique appearance — which has been compared to a walnut, a dumpling, albino Yoda, a brain and more.

These folks are quickly proven wrong and are won over by Xherdan after observing the kitty’s charming behavior for a few minutes.

“Most people are a little bit scared of Xherdan at first, but then when they meet him they love him!” Filippi added.

While a hairless cat may seem like less work than their furry counterparts, Xherdan’s owner said that the sphynx requires a regular ear, eye, and foot cleaning. But it’s all worth it to her for how much joy and laughter her wrinkly, weird pet brings to her life.