DenHaus' crates are sleek and clever, but they'll cost you.

Does your dog’s crate conflict with your home decor? DenHaus offers dog crate options that fit in a little better.

The ZenHaus is a shiny, fiberglass oval table that doubles as a dog crate (and triples as a litterbox concealer.) The black version would fit in quite nicely with Chinese lacquer. For a more classic look, they also offer a fancypants square wood crate/litterbox cave, called the TownHaus, and a round modern one, the BowHaus, which is made of metal. The hardwood ones (which double as end tables) are gorgeous and are made as large as XL, while the fiberglass ZenHaus can only fit dogs up to 55 pounds.

When he was younger I’m sure my dog would’ve liked its cozy oval shape, but I don’t think I could have afforded it at these prices. The medium ZenHaus fetches for $565, plus another $100 for a soft bed. DenHaus tries to sell the idea that their dens will “save you $400 or more” –because you don’t have to buy a bed, crate and table. Though their equation seems to count on me shelling out $700 for an end table. Not likely.