Would You Have a Memorial for Your Pet?

The Pet Honoring Ceremony offers a kit to remember and cherish your dearly departed

The loss of a pet can be as heartbreaking as losing a family member, but does saying goodbye to them work the same way as other funerary customs?

Leigh Meriweather of Honoring, LLC thinks so, and has created kits that help owners celebrate and remember their deceased pets.

The Pet Honoring Memorial ceremony is “an expression of love and gives the gift of honor and appreciation back to our pets,” according to Meriweather, a practitioner of Reiki. The kits come equipped with silk flowers for the ceremony, a photo frame, a candle, shells, sacred water, incense and a script for the ceremony, among other items.

Pet Honoring Memorial ceremonies and kits are available at different price points ($30-$200) on Meriweather’s website, which also offers gift certificates. Each item in the kits has a meaning, according to Meriweather. The sacred water, which has been blessed, “represents life and renewal,” while the shells speak to “new life, hope, comfort and healing.”

The Pet Honoring Prayer addresses the departed. “This is done today because you are deeply loved,” reads the script. “Thank you for sharing your life and gifts. You brought so much love and joy and it touched deeply.”

Tell us: Would you have a pet memorial ceremony to honor your deceased pet?

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