May 11, 2016 05:06 PM

He has the face of a villain and the heart of a hero, and now he has been rewarded for both.

Mugly the Chinese crested was crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog in 2012, but he hasn’t made his famous mug — complete with beady eyes, askew whiskers and strange snout — his business. Instead, the pooch has spent many of his days as a therapy dog with the British organization Therapy Dogs Nationwide, assisting with children’s reading programs and visiting adults with disabilities, reports The Washington Post.

It’s for this lifetime of devoted work that 12-year-old Mugly won the 2016 Heroic Hounds award at the National Pet Show in London last weekend.

“He amazes me with his ability to know exactly how to be when he meets people,” owner Bev Nicholson told the Wisbech Standard. “With a blind person, he stands completely still and lets them explore him; or when someone is upset, he pushes his body into them for comfort.”

The pup is now retired from therapy work, but he still uses his social media accounts to raise money for local charities and is a constant source of comfort and amusement for those who love him.

As his owner describes, “underneath the spots and warts, he’s really beautiful with a heart of gold.”

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