World's Oldest Living Gorilla Celebrates 60th Birthday at Zoo Atlanta

Ozzie, the oldest male gorilla on record, celebrated with a multi-tiered ice "cake"

gorilla 60th birthday
Photo: Zoo Atlanta

Ozzie's 60th birthday was a particularly special one.

The western lowland gorilla, who celebrated his milestone on Sunday, is the world's oldest living male gorilla - and the oldest male gorilla on record, according to his caretakers at Zoo Atlanta.

So the big guy was rightfully celebrated on June 20, most notably enjoying a multi-tiered ice "cake" full of frozen fruit and some extra love from staff.

According to a press release from Zoo Atlanta, 350-lb. Ozzie has "more than 20 descendants" that span three generations. Some still live with him at Zoo Atlanta, while others have been moved to Association of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited zoos over time. Currently, he lives in a habitat specially configured for senior gorillas with females Choomba, 58, Machi, 45, and Kuchi, 36. Gorillas are deemed geriatric after the age of 40, the zoo says.

Due in part to hunting, habitat loss and disease, western lowland gorillas are considered critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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