Ludo loves his toys, camping out on the carpet, and pretending to read books

By Amy Jamieson
Updated October 28, 2016 03:35 PM

It was a “long” shot, but Kelsey Gill had a suspicion her cat Ludo could be a world-record holder.

“We thought Ludo could be the world’s longest [cat] when we started seeing clips in newspapers of these other cats that were a lot older than Ludo,” says Gill, of Wakefield, England, in this exclusive video shot by Guinness World Records. “And [they] looked a similar size to what he already was.”

Out came a measuring tape, which determined that Ludo, at 3 ft., 10.59 in. tall, is the world’s longest domestic cat, according to Guinness, which gave the Maine coon appropriately big placement in its new 2017 records book, available here.

We learn from the video — that came to PEOPLE just in time for #NationalCatDay on Oct. 29 — that being long comes with a list of purr-oblems.

“He’s quite clumsy, and he’s not as agile as other cats,” says Gill, adding with a laugh that it’s impossible for the cat to hide.

So rather than attempt to blend, Ludo lets his length shine — watch as he takes up half of Gill’s couch.

“He loves curling up on [the] sofa,” she says, “and then when I go to bed with a good book, he’ll come and sit at side me and act like he’s reading it with me.”