Euphrates was bred to resemble a Mesopotamian Molossus, an ancient dog breed known for its imposing stature

By Kelli Bender
March 19, 2018 04:48 PM

Euphrates’ owners were hoping for a big dog and the American Molossus is already exceeding expectation.

According to Caters, the 9-month-old dog is 6 feet tall when she stands on her hind legs and weighs over 180 pounds. Plus, she’s not done growing yet.

The stunningly massive canine was bred to resemble the Mesopotamian Molossus, an ancient dog breed that dates back to 5,000 BC and was known for its fearsome stature.

While Euphrates cuts an imposing figure, her owner Jared Howser of Salt Lake City, Utah, told Caters the pup is a big softie.

“She is very affectionate with us, when we take her out in public she is very affectionate with children and women especially,” the owner, 41, told the news agency.


After contacting numerous breeders and Guinness World Records, Howser believes his new dog could be the “World’s Biggest Puppy.”

Not surprisingly, many people on the street think Euphrates is a full-grown dog. Even Howser didn’t expect her to get this large.

“I never expected that she would be this big when we first brought her home, at four and a half months old she was already 136 lbs,” the owner told Caters. “By six months old she was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter while sitting down.”

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Howser was inspired to get Euphrates, who was the largest of her litter, after witnessing a burglary that resulted in the death of a smaller dog. He did some research and discovered that dog breeders were working to create the new breed American Molossus by cross-breeding the two living ancestors of the Mesopotamian Molossus: English and Neapolitan Mastiffs.

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“The hope is to avoid any violence, she is a big scary dog, I live in a good area but we are the only house on our block not to have had our car broken into since having Euphrates,” Howser said in his interview with Caters.

When Euphrates isn’t scaring off criminals, she enjoys chewing on a 4 x 4 fence post and eating up to eight cups of dog food a day.