Happy World Tapir Day! Celebrate with One of the Cutest New Additions to the Tapir Kingdom

The baby lives at the Newquay Zoo with her parents and a capybara named Johnson

tapir baby 11
Photo: Newquay Zoo

Not only is it Friday but it’s also World Tapir Day!

This pig-bodied zebra relatives are getting their own moment and they deserve it!

Just look how oddly cute they are! To give you an idea about how much sweetness can be packed into a stout little body, here’s the Newquay Zoo’s newest arrival.

This currently unnamed natural model is a Brazilian tapir that was born at the English zoo on March 31 — Mother’s Day in the U.K.

IMG_7979_Baby Tapir eating celery_WO_Copyright
Newquay Zoo

The little lady belongs to first time parents Al and Emily, who are doing a great job raising the rambunctious youngster, according to the zoo.

IMG_8009_baby Tapir with Emily the mother_WO_Copyright
Newquay Zoo

Though the baby tapir is a bit of a picky eater.

“She started trying solid food at about two weeks and at the moment she loves carrot and apple, but she’s not so keen on parsnip – she chews it up and then spits it all out!” zookeeper Tracey Twomey said in a statement.

tapir baby 17
Newquay Zoo

Along with being the apple of her parents’ eyes, the tiny tapir is also the first of her kind born in the U.K. this year. Keepers are keeping a close eye on her, making sure the newborn stays healthy and bonds with her parents and flatmate, Johnson the capybara.

“The baby is confident, she enjoys spending time with both mum and dad and also with Johnson the capybara, who she loves to cuddle up with! She is amazing and definitely knows how to steal people’s hearts – she’s just too cute!” Twomey added.

We couldn’t agree more!

Tapir mouth open
Newquay Zoo

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tapir baby 12
Newquay Zoo

Lucky Newquay residents can visit the whole tapir family at the zoo, and all animal lovers are invited to join the zoo’s naming contest for the tapir baby on social media.

Unfortunately, like many of the worlds adorable animals, Brazilian tapirs, and several other tapir species, are endangered due to poaching and habitat destruction.

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