Learn how to sit, stay and fetch your way to a healthier body

Time to redefine the phrase “working like a dog.”

For those of you envious of your dog’s svelte yet muscular physique, Blue Cross for Pets has a workout for you. The charity, based in England, released a set of exercises inspired by the natural movements of our furry friends.

The 45-minute aerobic exercise plan includes moves like “Roll over!” “Fetch!” and “Go Get it!,” all of which are inspired by your pup’s favorite actions, along with insight from personal trainer Born Barikor. The mix of strength training and cardio is designed to give avid followers improved endurance and toned muscles. (No word on whether you will become more adept at digging holes and sniffing butts, though.)

The workout plan was also made as reminder to dog owners that pets require daily exercise. A happy dog is one who is both mentally and physically stimulated, and exercise is a great way to do just that.

So get a towel, get your dog and get to work.