December 04, 2008 04:13 PM

A 3-year-old yellow Lab from Newcastle, England, has taken up a new hobby: riding waves! The dog took a liking to surfing this summer when his owner James Pearson put him on a board at Tynemouth beach. Sixteen-year-old Pearson, who is also a surfer, tells the Daily Mail that his furry pal has loved the water ever since he was a puppy, so hopping on a board was natural for him.

“My Dad and I were out paddling on the board and Harvey just swam out to us and we put him on the board,” Pearson says of the first time Harvey braved the surf. ‘It’s great that I can now take Harvey out on the waves – I just hope he doesn’t get better than me!’

Check out Harvey’s radical surfing chops in this video:

Harvey’s not the only surfing pet we’ve seen recently. Have you seen this

wave riding rat


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