The determined dog is resting comfortably with her clan at Muskegon's Pound Buddies

Mom of the year has a nice ring to it.

A dog that gave birth in a Michigan snowstorm is a “wonderful mama,” according to the rescue group that is caring for the clan and shared a detailed account of her ordeal on Facebook.

The dog’s birth story began in the middle of the night when a concerned citizen called 911 to report that she noticed a possibly injured dog wandering around in dangerously low temperatures.

“The caller stated that the dog had been seen throughout the day but now that it was midnight and the dog was obviously on his/her own, the caller was even more concerned because of the bitter temperature and accumulating snow,” the Facebook post says.

A staffer from Pound Buddies animal shelter named Robert Pringle was just headed to bed when he was notified and responded “without hesitation,” according to the post.

“Little did Robert know, his call to action was the determining factor between life and death for what he was about to discover,” the post says. “Upon arrival to the Muskegon Heights address, Robert noticed a small shadowed figure curled up in a ball covered with snow. The freezing cold dog allowed Robert to approach without concern; as if the dog knew he was there to help.”

Pringle soon realized the dog was not alone. “As the dog stood up, Robert quickly realized that SHE was curled up on top of FOUR NEW BORN PUPS!” the post says. Along with help from police officer Chris Stoddard, the pair loaded the family into a car and took them to Pound Buddies just before 1 a.m., where they’ve been resting up ever since.

An update said the dog and her charges were doing really well, despite the ordeal they’ve been through.

“This morning, mama was very responsive to staff and seemed to enjoy all [the] attention she was getting,” the update says. “She is a wonderful mama and the puppies are no more than 2 days old! She is safe, warm, and already loved too much!”