South Carolina Woman Writes Touching Obituary for Her Dog: 'He Left Behind His Fierce Love'

The viral tweet has since garnered over 100,000 likes since it was originally posted on Sept. 22

Sallie Gregory Hammett; Charlie the Dog
Photo: Sallie Gregory Hammett Instagram

A South Carolina woman paid tribute to her late dog by writing and ″publishing" his obituary — which has since gone viral on social media.

Speaking with HuffPost, Sallie Gregory Hammett said that she wrote her beloved golden retriever Charlie his own obituary as a way to grieve and come to terms with his death.

"I’ve always loved writing, and when Charlie passed it was just so overwhelming that I needed to do something cathartic," she told the outlet, adding that she wanted "something to celebrate and memorialize him, because he was such a huge part of my life."

Gregory Hammett, 30, said that she originally pursued publishing the memorial in her local paper, but decided to create a mock-newspaper obituary instead after she saw what the obituary piece would cost to publish.

Friends and family then encouraged her to share the obituary online, so she posted the heart-warming obit on Twitter, where the tweet has garnered over 100,000 likes since it was originally posted on Sept. 22.

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In her memorial, Gregory Hammett wrote that Charlie was born in 2013 and died when he succumbed to lymphoma "after five months of bravery."

"Born July 15th, 2013, in Easley, South Carolina, Charlie was the son of Sallie Gregory Hammett," the Greenville resident wrote, before noting that he was adopted by his "loving dog dad," David Hammett, who Gregory Hammett married this past May, four years later.

Then, listing all of the things that Charlie adored — including swimming, smiling, bananas, and chasing squirrels — Gregory Hammett added that her beloved pooch "loved everything life had to offer," except for stairs, which he hated.

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"More than anything else, Charlie loved his mom. He was always there to greet her with some kisses and a firm grip on her arm," the obit continues. "He was her constant companion."

"Charlie spent his last days in his favorite place, the beach," the statement adds. "He relaxed in the Charlie-sized holes he dug himself, and drove straight into the oncoming waves. His last days were so happy and will be cherished forever."

The obit concludes: "He will be forever missed and forever remembered, but he left behind his fierce love, which never wavered."

Sallie Gregory Hammett; Charlie the Dog
Sallie Gregory Hammett Instagram

″I know it’s cliché but he was my best friend,″ Gregory Hammett told HuffPost. ″He went with me everywhere — work, hiking, trips to Home Depot. He was just a constant source of comfort and companionship and joy. Everyone that knew me knew Charlie and knew how much I loved him.″

Reacting to the love she has received on her Twitter post, Gregory Hammett said, ″The likes are awesome but the best part has been all of the replies.″

″Reading about everyone else’s special doggos, and all the people that say they loved Charlie even though they never met him, it’s just been so comforting — it makes me feel less alone and just flooded with love," she added.

"And Charlie has been so celebrated! He was a special boy and it means the world to me."

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