Woman Grieving Late Dog Comforted After Spotting Her Pup's Face in the Clouds

Lucy Ledgeway had an unconventional reunion with her late dog Sunny just hours after the canine's death

Photo: SWNS

A devastated pet owner mourning the loss of her dog 'Sunny' spotted his face in the clouds just hours after the canine's death.

Lucy Ledgeway, 19, said goodbye to her family's pooch after he passed away on Saturday, June 20.

The Jack Russell terrier, named Sunny, was 14 years old and had diabetes. Sunny died after suffering a seizure. He passed away in the arms of Lucy's dad Jim.

Lucy, a fashion influencer, went for a drive with her boyfriend Tom following the tragic event to clear her head.

In the car, sitting in the same seat Sunny had passed away in, Lucy looked up at the clouds and was delighted to see the shape of her dog looking back down at her.

Lucy and Sunny

Lucy from Acomb, York, in England said: "Seeing Sunny in the clouds made me giggle to myself — she's such a special dog.

"I was crying to my boyfriend in the seat she died in just hours before, telling Tom ‘All I want is a sign she’s okay," she added "I was looking at the clouds and I just felt in me that I’d see her and I did. I looked up and she was looking at me through the clouds.

"After that, I just felt happiness and I was content just knowing she’s ok."

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