Danielle Eden and her husband, Rob Scheinberg, save dogs from all over the world with their rescue Dog Tales

By kbender1271
Updated March 09, 2016 09:11 PM

A Canadian woman visiting Israel is planning on bringing home 250 sweet souvenirs.

During her trip, Danielle Eden visited an ailing animal shelter, housing hundreds of dogs in poor conditions. Instead of leaving the suffering pups behind, Eden decided to adopt all 250 dogs and bring them back to her home country, reports Inside Edition.

“To say the dog shelter was overcrowded was an understatement,” Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary said in a Facebook post. “There were 6 dogs in each cage, all fighting over the loaves of bread that they were being fed. Rats were everywhere, and the dogs, most of whom had been there for years, were terrified.”

Eden and her husband, Rob Scheinberg, run Dog Tales, and they have been working for years to rescue canines locally and abroad. Their group has saved dogs from Korea, Greece and Romania, and is continually pulling needy animals from high kill shelters in Quebec. Many of the dogs Eden and Scheinberg rescue internationally are from Israel, because the couple makes a trip to the country each year. Before the annual visit, Eden makes a list of 10 to 20 dogs she wants to bring back to the Dog Tales sanctuary, but this year was a little different.

“It is usually pretty easy for her to decide which dogs need her the most,” a Dog Tales representative told Inside Edition. “In this case, it was impossible to decide. She felt that they all needed her.”

So Eden bought the entire shelter and went to work getting the pups back to her homeland and into the hands of the caring people at her rescue. Currently, 25 of the dogs have been moved to Dog Tales, 10 are in transit, 90 have been relocated to more humane shelters in Israel, and the rest of the animals remain at the original shelter.

“Our long term goal is to have all of them brought here,” the rep said, “but in the short term, we’re fixing up the shelter.”

These changes include removing decaying rats from the property, bringing in full-time team members to care for the animals and feeding all the dogs a healthy diet. It’s a slow process, but one filled with good intentions and caring people, and one that will end with 250 dogs finding new homes.

If you would like to donate to Dog Tales and its rescue efforts, visit their website.