December 02, 2015 07:15 PM

‘Tis the season to do good things, and Jan Brown is doing her fair share!

The 52-year-old from Sunderland, England, knits sweaters to keep homeless greyhounds warm, and she has spent more than 4,000 hours doing so, according to The Mirror — equating to more than 300 sweaters!

Brown tells the newspaper that she does it because she likes it and because the dogs need it.  “I can’t think of anything I would rather do than knit woolly clothing for dogs,” she said. “Making coats and jumpers for these dogs saves the rescue homes a lot of money that can be better spent saving more dogs off the streets and feeding them.”

Because of their really thin fur, greyhounds need an extra layer during the cold months. So when her own greyhounds had full closets, Brown decided to help the less fortunate pups out there. “It’s really sweet seeing them in their festive Christmas jumpers, I think they look really sweet and it’s giving much needed help to the rescue centers,” she told The Mirror.

In 2013, Brown left her previous job to make the sweaters full-time, and any profit she makes through her company goes towards buying materials and covering the U.K. postage for mailing them to rescues. “I stitch a small heart on the back of my blanket coats in honour of the dogs who don’t make it to rescue,” she said.

There’s a sad reality for former racing dogs who don’t get rescued, according to YouTube filmmakers The Brothers Riedell, who spotlight these beautiful dogs and some of the individuals in the U.S. who open their hearts and homes them.

“The reality for these dogs is, once they stop racing — it could be an injury or age — if they don’t find a home, often times they’re euthanized,” says Nick Riedell.

In the new 8-minute film The Second Race: A Film About Greyhounds, one rescuer explains the breed’s far-reaching appeal, “Once people have any connection with a greyhound, they don’t walk away — they’re very human.”

To help fund Jan Brown’s creations, click here. To help the rescuers in The Second Race save more dogs, donate to


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