Woman Practices Yoga Atop Her Horse and the Photos Are Incredible

Angela Nunez's Instagram account combines her two loves: equestrian events and yoga

Photo: Source: Angela Nuñez/Instagram

We thought we’d seen it all. Yoga with dogs. Yoga with cats. Yoga with bunnies. Even yoga with goats. But yoga with horses was news to us, until we caught a glimpse of Angela Nuñez’s impressive Instagram page. Now it makes complete horse sense!


Nuñez, who goes by @horse_yoga_girl online, describes herself as having a “passion for horses, yoga and traveling” on her website. She’s a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and self-described “lifelong horsewoman.”

“I call Virginia in the United States home,” writes Nuñez, “but anywhere I unroll my yoga mat or connect with a horse makes me feel at home in my soul.”

Source: Angela Nuñez/Instagram

Nuñez shares “insights I’ve gained from spending time with horses, wisdom gained from practicing and teaching yoga, and photos from my horsing around, yoga, and travels” on her Instagram, Facebook and personal Horse Yoga Girl site.

In an interview with Mashable, Horse Yoga Girl says she first started posing with a pony named Sugar Maple about four years ago when her then-studio held a photo contest.

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Sadly, Sugar Maple has since passed away, but Nuñez currently practices with a beautiful Appaloosa named Snowy Sugar’s grandson.

“The more I practiced yoga with Snowy, the more I realized how much it was affecting our relationship,” she told Mashable. “Practicing yoga with him increased the trust we already had.”

And on that heartfelt note, all we can say is neigh-maste.

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