Argentinian Woman Discovers Pet Kitten She Rescued Is Actually a Puma After Visit to the Vet

The woman rescued the pet "kitten" from the street and thought the animal was a normal, healthy house cat until she went to the vet

Puma kitten mistaken for a kitten
Photo: FARA Fundacion Argentina de Rescate Animal

Talk about a case of feline confusion!

A woman in Argentina discovered that the pet kitten she had rescued months earlier was actually a wild animal when a trip to the veterinarian didn’t go as planned.

Explaining how the mix-up went down, Florencia Lobo told Reuters that while in the northwest Argentinian province of Tucumán, she and her brother had found two kittens next to a dead adult cat.

“We thought that it was an abandoned cat who had given birth,” she told the outlet, noting that while one of the cats, a female, did not survive, the male, whom she named Tito, did.

However, although everything seemed to be fine with Tito’s health, when she took him to a vet appointment two months later, Lobo found out he wasn’t actually a house cat after all.

Puma kitten mistaken for a kitten
Jaguarundi. FARA Fundacion Argentina de Rescate Animal
Puma kitten mistaken for a kitten
Jaguarundi. FARA Fundacion Argentina de Rescate Animal

“The vet didn’t know what it was but said it was not a normal cat,” Lobo told the outlet, adding that they gave her the number of a local nature reserve.

After getting in contact with the Horco Molle nature reserve, it was confirmed that Tito was actually a jaguarundi, a type of small wild cat that’s native to North and South America.

Jaguarundis, whose full scientific name is puma yagouaroundi, are just slightly larger in size than regular cats, typically weighing between 8-16 lbs., according to the Texas Parks & Wildlife’s website.

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According to Reuters, Tito is currently under the care of the nature reserve, and there are plans to return him to his natural habitat.

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