None of us are worthy

By Maria Yagoda
December 10, 2015 09:22 PM

We didn’t think it was possible for us to be more excited about Star Wars/dogs. Yet here we are. A woman named Sabrina Ridler spent “hundreds of hours” making a 21-piece Star Wars costume for her Doberman, Penny Bark-Bark. 

The elaborate Stormtrooper ensemble fits Penny perfectly. Don’t believe us? Look at all this ferociousness:

Another great part of the outfit is how gracefully Penny can maneuver in it as she patrols the lawn:

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“Penny is now a proud member of Stormtrooper ranch,” Ridler said. “The outfit was originally meant to be just a Halloween costume, that would be just worn a few times. But because she wears it all the time now, it had to be redone. The only part of the original that is still in use is the helmet.”

Interested in going down the dogs-dressed-as-Stormtroopers rabbit hole? Check out this video of Winston the White Corgi all dressed up and perish from the cuteness.