October 20, 2016 11:57 AM

Former Miss Delaware Kate Banaszak and her dog Kellen are ready to party on.

With 11 days to spare, this canine and human couple have come up with the perfect Halloween costume. A photo of their pitch perfect creation was posted to Reddit.

“He’s all kitted out and ready for Halloween!” reads the caption of the photo of Banaszak and her shaggy partner dressed as famous best friends Wayne and Garth.

While the former Miss Delaware pulls off a convincing Wayne, it’s Kellen’s Garth portrayal that seriously sells the costume. The Irish wolfhound already has the perfectly blond and askew fur for the part, made even better by a wig of wild hair. Thick black glasses? Check! Classic rock shirt? Check! Goofy grin? Check! It’s all here, and his owner even says Kellen has the personality to match.

“He digs classic rock, he’s a lovable guy, an awesome best friend, and he even has his own dream woman,” Banaszak told The Huffington Post. “Though, instead of a hot blonde, it’s a bull mastiff named Nike that he met in agility class. Still, I’m pretty sure Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady’ plays in his head when he sees her.”

Do you think you and your pet can top this tribute for Halloween?

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