Witty Wocks: Renderings of Your Pets That'll Rock Your World

The little lookalikes are crafted by a Florida mom

How much do we like to immortalize our pets? Let us count the ways. We can get portraits and pictures, personalized cakes and furniture, even stuffed animals once they’re gone. And now? Well, let’s just say the newest way to commemorate your pet simply … rocks.

Witty Wocks, a company started by Florida-based stay-at-home mom Adria Bernstein in 2009, takes your pet’s picture and turns it into a work of art, using mainly rocks, glue and paint. “Rocks are gorgeous in their own natural state, but I wanted to do something more with them,” Bernstein tells PEOPLEPets.com. “I took it upon myself to glue them together, and realized I had something going on.”

Though Bernstein’s work expands beyond pets – she has created people, mascots, logos and is even working on a guitar for rocker Kenny Loggins – customers just love seeing their dogs and cats constructed from rocks (yarn is used for hair and fur). “It’s been challenging, but it’s the most rewarding thing,” she says.

Bernstein, who gets most of her rocks from a local landscape business, says she’s happy to tackle any artistic test that comes her way. “There was a woman who sent a picture of herself and her dog sharing a cup of TCBY,” she recalls. “She wanted that profile shot of them licking the ice cream together made into a Witty Wock. Stuff like that is exciting.”

The creations start at $60, and take about a week to make, depending on the complexity of the request. “It’s tricky putting them together, but it’s fun,” Bernstein shares, adding that she’s learned a lot about rocks since starting her business. “One of my biggest dreams would be to hike in the mountains and go rock collecting.”

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