The Winter Olympics' Furriest Fans: Meet the Team USA Pets You Need to Follow on Instagram

Lindsey Vonn, Chloe Kim, Shaun White and more all have Instagram accounts for the fluffy fans cheering them on

Underneath the glitz and glam, they say celebrities are just regular people, same as you or me. But sometimes that is hard to believe, especially when you are talking about the ultra talented athletes of the Winter Olympics

Watching this batch of 2018 Olympians compete is an astonishing look at what the human body can do and what many of us, sitting at home, cannot.

Thankfully, many of them have pets — the great equalizer.

This is how Olympic athletes become a little more relatable. Because while they plummet down hills and dominate half pipes, these sports stars also start Instagram accounts for their furry friends.

Many of the Team USA stars getting gold in Pyeongchang, South Korea, also have an extra Instagram account just for their pets, filled with a different kind of adorable gold.

Take a look at which Team USA atheletes, including Lindsey Vonn and Chloe Kim, have a fluffy cheering section at home — each with their own social media empire.

Lindsey Vonn

Alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn is the proud mom to three pooches: Leo, Lucy and Bear. All of the canines share the Instagram account @vonndogs. The Insta is filled with shots of the dogs playing together and a behind-the-scenes look at Lucy’s long trip to the Winter Olympics with her mom.

Chloe Kim

The 17-year-old snowboarding sensation has a miniature Australian shepherd named Reese. The pup was cheering his mom on from home via his Instagram @reesetheminiaussie during her gold medal win.

Gus Kenworthy

Four years ago, the freestyle skier rescued two stray puppies from the Sochi Olympics and brought them back home to be his forever friends. Now Jake and Mishka have their own Instagram @thesochipups, where fans can see the beautiful, loving dogs they’ve grown into and how they help their dad train.

Shaun White

Among the many crying fans of Shaun White during the snowboarder’s historic win was, most likely, Leroy. White’s fluffy little pup has his own Instagram @leroythegoodboy, which he fills with glamour shots and celebrity sightings.

Alex and Maia Shibutani

This ice dancing brother-sister pair love things that come in twos. The “Shib sibs” also share pet parent responsibilities for pups Lily and Po. You can see what the ice-loving Maletese pooches are up to on their Instagram @lilyandpo.

Matt Antoine

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Skeleton racer Matt Antoine credits his dog Dixie with changing his life for the better and preparing him for the 2018 Olympics, so it makes sense he would share an Instagram account with her. While Dixie doesn’t have her own account, @mattanddixie is mostly photos of the rescue dog, and maybe just a few of her famous dad.

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