Three stray cats walked across the main stage of the G20 summit — plus more animals in places they probably shouldn’t be

November 21, 2015 01:19 AM

The animals of the world spent this week breaking boundaries and checking out new venues. The human world is starting to look sweeter to our four-legged counterparts, and they are ready to get off the sidelines, which they showed with several days of surprise appearances. 

Cats are thinking of putting a paw into politics, zebras are certain they’re done with circuses, penguins just want to be where the people are — and it all happened this week. 

Read on to catch up on the biggest animals stories of the past seven days and be prepared to impress your dog or cat at the water bowl with all your furry knowledge. 

1. Stray Kitties Turn G20 Summit Into a Catwalk

In what can only be the next step toward cat-kind’s goal of world domination, three stray cats made an impromptu appearance on the main stage of the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey. 

2. Zebras Hoof it Out of Circus into West Philly

Two zebras broke out of the UniverSoul Circus on Sunday afternoon, snarling up traffic and allegedly making stops at Planet Fitness and Chik-fil-A. It’s all about priorities. 

3. Penguins Attempt to Pull a Madgascar

In a less successful escape attempt, a group of penguins at a Denmark zoo tried to make like the flightless birds of Madgascar and flee their confines. Their jail break was foiled by a keeper, who was shocked to find a trail of webbed footprints leading out of the exhibit to a dead end filled with penguins.

4. Monkeying Around on the Football Field 

Pigskin fans expecting to see the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Houston Texans were first treated to the sight of cowboy monkeys herding sheep while riding border collies.

5. Ohio Dog Returns Home After Seven Years

The sweetest of our surprise appearances is the story of Ohio dog Mishka, who was reunited with her owner after going missing seven years ago. The pup was found roaming the streets as a stray and was able to return home thanks to a microchip.

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