Herd of Wild Elephants Crossing the Street in Thailand Brings Traffic to a Standstill

The large group of elephants emerged from the jungle and stomped across the road in Chachoengsao, a province in south-central Thailand

Talk about a traffic-stopper!

A herd of wild elephants — both young and old — brought traffic to a standstill and created quite a spectacle when they crossed a major highway in a Thailand province.

Footage shows the large group of elephants emerge from the jungle and stomp across the road in Chachoengsao, a province in south-central Thailand.

Several police officers were on-site to ensure that the elephants made it safely across the street, and dozens of local onlookers stopped to gather on both sides of the road and watch the animals calmly make their way past.

According to the Daily Mail, Pratya Chutipat Sakul, who filmed the clip, shared, “More than 50 wild elephants crossed the highway. They were moving together from one part of the jungle to the other.”

“The wildlife officers had been following the elephants for the last few days. When they saw that their path was moving towards the road, they called the police and urgently closed the road. Policemen arrived to ensure that the elephants crossed smoothly and there were no accidents.”

He added, “Nobody minds waiting for the elephants, as the most important thing is that they’re safe. The elephants were all so calm and barely noticed the humans. I feel very lucky to have seen such an amazing sight.”

The entire crossing reportedly took just under 40 seconds.

Similarly, at a different part of the globe, black bears in Yosemite have begun roaming territory they usually would avoid because of tourists.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic led to the temporary closure of America’s Yosemite National Park last month, and with the humans away, the wild animals that call the area home have taken back the land.

Over recent weeks, Yosemite has shared glimpses on social media of the increased animal sightings, specifically of black bears.

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