November 10, 2017 11:41 AM

In a moment practically pulled from a middle schooler’s wildest dream, boy band Why Don’t We dropped by PEOPLE Now to answer fans’ questions this week. But the quintet wasn’t alone.

The “These Girls” singers were surprised with a group of puppies. All of the baby dogs sat loyally on the laps of the band members as they answered burning questions about fights, dating and more. There was even a little doggy dance break. It was simply cuteness overload.

Unfortunately for Why Don’t We, they had to say goodbye to the puppies. But if you have fallen in love with these dogs, too, we have good news for you: All of these pups are adoptable through the SPCA of Westchester, which means you could be the proud pet parent to a pooch that has been hugged by a Why Don’t We band member.

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