Serious the bulldog reveals all about smooching the sexy star – with a little help from his trainer

By Rennie Dyball
Updated September 22, 2011 09:00 PM

There’s a 4-year-old English bulldog in Los Angeles who’s just become the envy of women everywhere.

Serious – a hard-working studio dog who lives in Los Angeles – got rather friendly with Ryan Gosling on the set of his new movie, The Gangster Squad.

But this is not the first time that he’s had a brush with stardom. PHOTOS: Criminally Cute: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and a Dog!

The very eager-to-please bulldog (who I met while co-authoring A Famous Dog’s Life, animal trainer Sue Chipperton’s memoir about working with dogs in show business) loves nothing more than working his little tail off, and he spends much of his time doing just that.

Serious is a bonafide four-legged commercial celebrity, having starred in many ads, and played supporting roles as well – he appears in the iconic Travelers Insurance commercial with the shaggy dog who frets about keeping his bone safe.

The aptly-named Serious, who will studiously run through his repertoire of behaviors and tricks if you ask, has also worked extensively with country star Toby Keith on a series of ads that air at his concerts.

Friendly and curious about everyone he meets (especially children), the bulldog makes friends everywhere he goes.

But from the looks of these photos, he’s got a special place in his heart for Gosling.

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