Charlie St. Cloud star Dave Franco and brother James Franco come from a “cat family”

By Suzanne Zuckerman
Updated July 23, 2010 02:37 PM

When the Franco boys go home for the holidays, it’s a full house. After all, there’s three of them: Golden Globe-nominated James, 32, Charlie St. Cloud star Dave, 25, and brother, Tom, a sculptor. Then, of course, throw six cats into the mix!

“Over the holidays, I brought my two cats home and my mom has two cats and James brought his two cats Sammy and Zelda home, so we had six cats in one house, which we found out is actually illegal,” jokes Dave, who currently stars with Zac Efron in Charlie St. Cloud, out July 30. “So if the Franco family wasn’t weird enough, add six cats on top of that.”

Felines have always played a prominent role in the Franco household, and even became the subject of a few of the brothers’ cult-favorite videos on “We’re definitely a cat family,” he says proudly.

With his memorable roles in Superbad and a regular gig on TV’s Scrubs, Dave been making a name for himself in Hollywood, with very little help from his superstar older brother. “As much as I love and respect my brother, I want to separate myself from him,” Dave explains. “I don’t want to be James Franco’s little brother for the rest of my life.”

Dave is definitely becoming known for other things as well. “I’m the weird cat guy, for sure,” says Dave. “I do love my cats, Harry and Arturo. I guess I realized that I’m the weird cat guy when I don’t see someone for awhile and the first thing they ask me, is, ‘How’ve you been?’ And then literally the second question is always, ‘How are your cats?’ That’s not normal.”

So what’s the family method for preventing, well, catfights? “We had to put each set of cats in different rooms and give them turns at having free reign at the house,” he says of that memorable holiday last year. So much for avoiding sibling rivalry!

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