Kate Hogan
December 17, 2008 06:09 PM

The thought has crossed every pet owner’s mind: What is my dog doing at home when I’m away? SNIF Labs hopes to help answer that question. Recently, the company introduced the SNIF Tag, a small device that secures onto your dog’s collar. Using wireless technology, the customizable tag sends information about your dog’s activities to a base station located in your home.

From there, you can get the scoop on your pup’s day online – his or her activities, time spent sitting idly, frequency of meals, and more. To further enhance the experience, when your dog meets another SNIF Tag-enabled dog (the name stands for Social Networking in Fur), the encounter is recorded and the owners have the option of contacting each other through the site. The tag can be removed for battery charging (roughly once per week). Currently in limited release, the tags retail for $149.

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