Celebrate National Cat Day by Decoding What Your Cat's Different Meows Mean

It's time for you and your cat to have a real conversation

National cat day
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If you’re like many cat owners, you probably spend every day, including Oct. 29’s National Cat Day, wishing you and your feline could have a real conversation.

Dr. Gary Richter of Rover.com’s Dog People Panel is here to help. Dr. Richter, while a dog lover, also adores felines too, and he wants to make kitty communication easier.

In celebration of National Cat Day the veterinarian from Rover, an online network of pet care providers, Dr. Richter has put together what a cat’s different meows mean.

From chirps to moans, this vet has your chatty cat’s vocab covered. Read on to find out what your cat is trying to tell you.

The Noise: Short meow
What it tends to mean: “Hello” or “Pay attention to me”

The Noise: Drawn out meow
What it tends to mean: “I have a tummy ache” or “Pay attention to me”

The Noise: Series of meows
What it tends to mean: “Hey! Seriously! Play with me!”

The Noise: Purring
What it tends to mean: Happy/content or comforting themselves when they’re hurt, sick or anxious

The Noise: Trilling (somewhere between a meow and a purr)
What it tends to mean: They’re extra-pleased or excited

The Noise: Chirping
What it tends to mean: Excitement or frustration

The Noise: Yowling
What it tends to mean: Some extra-chatty cats yowl as part of their everyday communication.
But if your cat is yowling without precedent, they may be in distress – a low, drawn-out yowl can be a complaint but in older cats, yowling is often a sign of cognitive disorder or dementia. And for un-altered cats, loud, long yowls are part of mating behavior

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