What April the Very Pregnant Giraffe Is Doing Right Now Instead of Giving Birth

April the giraffe has been filling her days with snacks, snuggles and local gossip

In cause you missed it, April the giraffe is pregnant again.

Yes, this is the same April that kept millions of animal lovers waiting two months for her last birth in 2017. Now, she is playing with us again.

In July 2018, Animal Adventure Park, April’s home in Harpursville, New York, announced the giraffe was pregnant with her fifth calf. At the end of February, the park shared that April was preparing to give birth and would likely be a mom again by the end of March. Shortly after this news, Animal Adventure Park started encouraging fans to watch April’s live cam, so once against they could watch the animal welcome a new calf into the world.

April hasn’t gotten around to the birth thing yet. Like before, with her calf Tajiri, she is keeping her watchers waiting. It’s been a little over two weeks since the the park started up the live cam again, and the end of March is drawing near.

While April hasn’t gone into labor yet, she’s still been busy. Take a look at what April has been up to instead of giving birth.

Animal Adventure Park


Animal Adventure Park has set up an enrichment feeder that hangs from the ceiling and can be refilled without interfering with April’s relaxation. There are also feeders along the wall of April’s enclosure, out of view of the camera. April is taking full advantage of this all-you-can-eat option, which the park sees as a positive. “A big appetite is a good thing,” the park said on Facebook.

Animal Adventure Park


April’s enclosure is partially open to Oliver’s pen. Oliver is the father of this upcoming calf, and, like any good dad, he likes to check in on his pregnant lady. The male giraffe often peeks in on April, and the mom-to-be usually reciprocates Oliver’s attention by nuzzling him and standing near the giraffe dad.

Animal Adventure Park


Sometimes live cam viewers can catch April staring into their souls. The giraffe occasionally shoots a look into the camera and into the hearts of the thousands watching her.

Animal Adventure Park


April always looks good and that doesn’t happen by chance. The giraffe does her best to keep all her hairs in place.

Animal Adventure Park


April’s enclosures also has windows to the outside, so she can keep an eye on what is going on inside the park.

If you don’t want to keep April’s live cam up 24/7, Animal Adventure Park is offering text alerts. Fans of April can sign up for these alerts for a one-time donation of $5. Those registered will receive a text when April goes into labor and will also receive exclusive content after the new calf is born.

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