Pink completed the 2020 Westminster Dog Show agility course in under 30 seconds

Pink the pooch, like her namesake, is here to get the party started.

The 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show kicked off during Oscars weekend with a big win from the border collie. Pink earned the Grand Champion title for the show’s Westminster Masters Agility Championship, after whizzing her way through the jump-filled course.

Dog lovers can watch her whirling run above, where she clocked in under 30 seconds with a 29.35-second run — a personal best for Pink.

According to, winning at Westminster is old hat for this canine, who has won the Westminster Masters Agility Championship’s 16-inch agility class three years in a row.

Pink the border collie at Westminster

For all these wins, Pink’s owner, trainer and BFF, Jennifer Crank, has been by her side, running the course with her. When they aren’t at the big competitions, Pink and Crank are training at IncrediPAWS Dog Training in Pataskala, Ohio.

Other winners from Westminster’s agility competition include Moses, a Border collie mix, who took home the title of the top All American Dog — which goes to the highest-scoring mix breed agility competitor — and Lobo, a Siberian husky who won hearts after getting adorably confused on the course, reports Associated Press.

There’s plenty more Westminster ahead, including the Best in Show prize.

Tune in to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show live on FS1 on Tuesday Feb. 11, starting at 7 p.m. EST, to catch the Best in Show round and thousands of dashing dogs.