April 29, 2010 11:45 AM

Ken Makris was going about his regular routine, preparing to settle into his electric recliner for the night with terrier pup Ebonyzer near his feet. But when he pushed a button to adjust the footrest, the 88-year-old, a resident at the Sunrise assisted living center in Naperville, Ill., knew something wasn’t right.

“Suddenly I heard little whimpers, looked under the chair, and there he was,” Makris tells PEOPLEPets.com. Somehow, Ebonyzer had become lodged below the base of the chair. Makris tried to pull his 5-year-old pooch out from under the recliner, but his leg was caught behind a metal bar. “There was nothing I could do – I felt worthless,” Makris says. When staffers failed to free Ebonyzer, they called the fire department for help.

After five minutes of sawing an arm off the chair to gain access (“the jaws of life didn’t work,” Makris shares), firefighters released Ebonyzer. “He didn’t bark or whine or anything,” Makris recalls. Though the brave pup suffered some nerve damage as a result of the incident, he escaped without any broken bones.

Sadly, the recliner didn’t fare as well. “It was a comfy chair,” Makris says. “Since I have a bad shoulder, I always slept in it.” But it’s a small price to pay for his pup’s good health. “He seems to be fine now, but if I push the button on the new chair he takes off,” Makris laughs. “He doesn’t want any part of it. He learned his lesson.”

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