The startup pet brand, Wild One, designs easy-to-use and modern accessories that both you and your dog will love

By Kaitlyn Frey
May 13, 2019 01:40 PM
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What It Is: Wild One Harness, a “smart” dog harness with two leash attachment points for a customized walking experience

Who Tried It: Kaitlyn Frey, PEOPLE Style & Beauty Assistant and Brutus (you can call him Bru) the stubborn and stylish bulldog

Brutus the Bulldog wearing his Wild One harness.
Kaitlyn Frey

Why We Tried It: Bru is a lovable, friendly and silly Boston bulldog (a mixture of an English bulldog and a Boston terrier), but he definitely has a mind of his own. Unlike some bulldogs, Bru loves walking and physical activity. He loves it so much that, since he was a puppy, he animatedly dragged anyone who walked him forward.

Throughout his past 2½ years, while walking through the busy N.Y.C. streets, Bru has unexpectedly lunged in front of kids on skateboards, other dogs and even a certain celebrity I’d prefer to keep anonymous. His other harness worked sufficiently, but I read about how front lead dog walking could help over-excited dogs from pulling. And since I couldn’t secure a meeting with dog whisperer César Milan anytime soon, I decided to give Wild One’s dual-attachment harness a shot.

Bru wearing his Wild One harness by the river. He likes the color “tan.”
Kaitlyn Frey

Level of Difficulty: 2/10

The harness clips in with ease and removes off of Bru’s body without any hassle. The material is soft, stretchy and cushioned, so he always seems content with wearing it (much more than the sweaters I force him into). Although the price of the harness is on the higher side (they’re $75 each), the design, material and convenience made the investment worth it.

Stopping to smell the tulips instead of pulling on our walk.
Kaitlyn Frey

The Verdict: We’ll never go back to our old walking ways again! Incredibly enough, from the first time I tried walking Bru with his Wild One harness, he could immediately sense the difference. Instead of dashing ahead towards a fire hydrant or pole to sniff, Bru casually walks right by my side at a steady pace.

The design of Wild One’s dog products — harness included — are stylish too, which adds to my newfound love of the brand. The company’s co-founder, Minali Chatani, worked to create Wild One’s minimalistic look, which has led the pet accessories destination to be dubbed “Everlane for dogs” by the internet.

Not only are the Wild Once pieces incredibly functional and simple-to-use, everything from the leash, collar and even poop bag holders (!) are created with a sleek, modern and minimalistic aesthetic. Now, thanks to the Wild One harness, Bru is not only walking at a more relaxed pace (see the video above), but he’s also the chicest dog on the block.

Brutus now wears this harness every day for his walks.
Kaitlyn Frey