We Found Your Next Instagram Follow: Daisy the California Shop Dog Will Brighten Your Feed

This week's #cutepic champ is design studio pup who brings love wherever she goes

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This 4-year-old California cutie — who is this week's #cutepic winner! — is a dog with several important jobs. She's the "chief customer greeter and treat eater" at Clementine Surfwear clothing company in Santa Monica, California, and also plays the role of unofficial mayor around town when she goes on walks. "Everywhere we go Daisy is just so happy to see people and greet them and let them rub her tummy," says creative director Carol Barth. "We can’t walk down Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice Beach without a ton of people of all ages wanting to pet her. She is also super sweet with kids. People just love her smile. Daisy is so cute she stops traffic in our little beach town."

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Barth adopted Daisy as an 8-week-old puppy and she's been by her side ever since. "She is my sidekick running around Los Angeles with me while I make my clothes, running to the seamstress and the dye house, or to buy fabric," she says. "I have a Subaru and my car will be full to the brim of tie-dye clothes and Daisy will be sitting in the passenger seat, smiling happy as a clam, her head out the window, as we’re both stuck in a ton of traffic on the 405 freeway, listening to music."

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Border collies are known for their intelligence and Daisy is no different. She also seems to have an eye for art. "[We take] long walks past all the wall murals in Santa Monica and Venice and she really looks like she is looking at the wall murals like they are paintings," says Barth. "I will be looking at the brush strokes on the wall mural and I look down at Daisy and she is looking at the brush strokes too."

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"There is no such thing as a short walk with a border collie," says Barth, who takes the pup on adventures every day. "There is a wonderful joy in seeing a happy confident dog. Daisy’s Instagram shows you what a dog's love looks like."

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The kind and sweet pooch — who "is as happy as she looks in all her photos" on her @daisybeachdog Instagram page — came to her owner at just the right time, when the artist needed someone to love. "Daisy helped me heal when the silence in my house was more than I could bear," Barth says. "All over California you will see bumper stickers on cars that read: 'Who rescued who?' And I know it's true. Daisy rescued me."

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