Bosu and Kappa might seem like unusual companions, until you learn their story

If the Emmys ever honor animal videos, this one should win the award for Outstanding Guest Star in a Web Series. (It’s not a series, but it should be).

A one minute video shared on Facebook by the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, Florida, on Sunday shows the unusual banter between a baby otter named Kappa and — wait for it! — a lion cub named Bosu.

The foundation tells PEOPLE that these two treat each other like siblings (which totally explains the staring contest) and they often stage little supervised interactions like this one to “allow our animals to get to know each other better.”

These “very playful animals” might seem like an unlikely pair for a play date, but they actually have one big thing in common: They’re both orphans.

Bosu’s mother stopped nursing him and his two other siblings when they were just two weeks old. Meanwhile, Kappa is one of six young otters being raised by the ZWF.