WATCH: Yoga with Baby Goats Is the Zen You Need Today

Classes at New Hampshire's Jenness Farm are filling up fast, for obvious reasons

If you attend a yoga class at Jenness Farm in Nottingham, New Hampshire, you might be lucky enough to score a back massage — from a baby goat.

That’s just one example of the spontaneity of the farm’s new goat yoga class, which it began offering a few weeks ago, according to NECN, who was there for an adorable sample.

“Goats are my favorite animal and I’m very passionate about yoga too, so combining the two is just a match made in heaven,” instructor Janine Bibeau told the station. “You feel such a connection with them because they truly love people, so they’re coming up to you, and you can pet them, they might even jump up on your back — they don’t weigh a lot so it doesn’t hurt, it’s more like a massage.”

Peter Corriveau, the owner of the farm — which produces more than 90 varieties of goat milk soaps with the milk from his herd of dairy goats, the farm’s Facebook page says — told NECN its Facebook followers suggested it offer the goat yoga experience, after similar classes popped up elsewhere. (Last year we shared how Oregonians were enjoying classes with goats, chickens and cats.)

Even with four 1-hour classes at $22 per person being offered each work week (and sometimes on Sundays), Jenness Farm can’t keep up with the excitement from animal-lovers.

“Due to an overwhelming response to our Yoga With Goats classes, we had to cap the waiting list at 330!” says a message on the farm’s website. “We are in the process of calling and scheduling those on the list. We will announce on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram when classes are available for online signups.”

The farm says it’s currently expanding its classroom so it can double the class size, so more people can share their mats with the little goats.

“You can, you know, laugh and just be comfortable,” one satisfied customer told NECN, as she cuddled a baby. “I love it, it’s so fun.”

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