November 28, 2016 03:57 PM

Attention love birds, this is how it’s done.

Forget chocolate, flowers and jewelry. What many women really adore, more than anything else, are baby animals. Jerad Forsyth must have had this truth in mind when he decided to propose to his girlfriend Kat Woodley during the adoption of a new kitten at the SPCA in Erie County, New York. 

After dating for two years, Forsyth and Woodley decided they were ready to raise an animal together, reports the Springfield News-Sun.

What Woodley didn’t know was that Forsyth had made another important decision. After the couple decided to adopt Gandalf the kitten, the SPCA outfitted the baby cat with a special collar. Pretending they needed Woodley to check the information on the kitten’s I.D., they asked her to take a close look at the collar. What she found was a tag reading “Will You Marry Me?” Moments later, Forsyth appeared on bended knee.

In the clip, Woodley doesn’t take long to say yes.

The real winner in this arrangement? Gandalf! The kitten gets a forever home and the joy of knowing he has helped his new parents find “forever” too.


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