July 05, 2016 04:03 PM

They’re calling him Ireland’s Naughtiest Dog, and for good reason.

The pooch named Beau from Leitrim, Ireland, snatched a pet owner’s most beloved device — his cellphone! — and gave serious chase before giving it back.

“The worlds worst dog … and I still wouldn’t change him,” said Eimear O’Donnell, who posted a video of the funny cellphone caper on Facebook.

According to Ireland’s Breaking News, O’Donnell’s brother Sean is seen trying to retrieve the phone from the giddy golden retriever, who dashes around the Irish countryside with it in his mouth.

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It takes a lot of running by Sean, but Beau eventually does the right thing, and gives the device back — with apparently no slobber damage to speak of.

“He just wanted to listen to some tunes, I think!” O’Donnell wrote on Facebook later. “Aw it was so funny!!”

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