November 10, 2016 01:37 PM

Mandy Moore is getting used to bringing viewers to tears on This Is Us, but she couldn’t handle the yowls of her cat Fig.

On a recent episode of Ellen, Moore, 32, confessed to calling a pet psychic for help after her cat wouldn’t stop crying at night.

Fig, who was previously named Addison, started meowing non-stop at night after his famous owner moved from a house to an apartment. Losing sleep and out of ideas, Moore took a friend’s advice and called a pet psychic.

Without even meeting the feline, the psychic had some simple advice: Stop calling him his old name, Addison. Moore said the psychic told her the cat hated the name Addison, and was meowing non-stop because he liked how his voice sounded in the new acoustics of the apartment. To help solve the problem and create a happier cat, the psychic suggested calling the cat Fig, short for Figaro, because he liked to sing so much.

Doubtful but willing to try, Moore made the switch and said the late night caterwauling stopped almost instantly.

Further proof, cats have feelings (and opinions) too!

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