The feline, who was born with radial hypoplasia, wears footwear to prevent future joint pain

By Amy Jamieson
April 19, 2017 04:33 PM

Boots are made for walking — Watson’s boots, they were specially made to prevent joint pain.

According to Click on Detroit, who reported the story about this unique feline, an animal prosthetist created a special pair of boots to help with the alignment of the cat’s spine.

Watson, who is owned by Melanie Lusnak of Southfield, Michigan, was born with deformed limbs but they don’t hold him back one bit.

Even without the boots, he gets around well — but it wasn’t always that way, Lusnak tells Click on Detroit.

“No matter how many pillows and blankets littered the floor of our house, Watson would still fall or stumble,” she said of the cat’s early days.

At about 1-year-old, he became more mobile and began running around and using the litter box like other cats.

Adorable boots like Watson’s are intended to prevent joint pain in the future.

“Even with prosthetics, Watson will not be able to walk, run, and jump like a normal cat,” Lusnak said. “The position he is in does not lend to good posture, and just like with humans, this can lead to pain and discomfort.”

In an interview with the cat in-studio, Lusnak said raising a special needs cat requires patience and time, and that watching him change as he’s grown has been quite rewarding.

“It’s extraordinary to see him adapt, day to day,” she said.